Sunday, May 18, 2008

Letter to a friend about images in my galleries at


I have been photographing for 50 years now so the time you have waited to respond to me is relatively short -

The only difficulty in your requiring or preferring (or however you may wish to put it) to see a physical photograph or painting first is that I have transferred and transformed my entire being and work to the format where there is not any nor will there be any prints unless or until an individual, organization, museum or gallery purchases such of an image from the website that you see here:

This is my decision and such a decision may make things almost impossible in the way of making any sales at all for the present moment, however this program or way of doing things makes it extremely affordable for people from all over the world to view my images even though there is at this point in time *(as you yourself describe in your e-mail to me) a disconnect still between seeing the image on a screen and feeling that one has seen the actual art work - however for me that is like saying that I will not be able to see or read or understand your words until or unless I see them written out or typed onto a physical sheet of paper - there is no difference that you or I (or anyone else) knows of between the two except for the perception that one is more valid or real due to years of one's conditioning of having to read words on a physical paper since computers and internet and screens such as the ones that you and I view our messages on did not exist prior to this point in time - the same for a recording of music or a movie of any sort - for example hearing my voice in this video for example:

Video I am referring to in this letter

is the exact same as hearing it over the telephone and in person pretty much and I would not expect that if you began recognizing my voice after hearing it on this one video that you would not know the same voice when and if you were ever to hear it in person in the actual physical sense - In that respect I believe that you have seen and will see my images as much as anyone has or will until they themselves (or yourself for that matter) decide to partake in the new and amazing step of the viewer becoming part of the creative process where you are able to make a choice as to what type of paper or canvas an image is printed on as well as its size and whether or not it is matted and/or framed and therefore have created together with me a definitely unique product that has an exceedingly high value both because of it's rarity and because of its creation specific to your very own needs and desires for seeing my image presented or produced to your very own personal specifications - totally unheard of prior to this point in time unless you were either a king - a pope or a patron of a specific artist!

thank you!


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