Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures and Perceptions!

The perception that people have about anything can almost instantly be changed or will change with the viewing of a picture - the right picture sent to a client can actually ease their thoughts away from doom and gloom and towards to great strengths of our economy -


Saturday, May 24, 2008


Whether we look to the sun or we look to the stars - it is obvious that there are things in the Universe that are much much much greater than we are - for this we are sure of!


World Museum and Gallery

We live in a world now that is so rich in experiences and things to see such that we are really living in a World Museum and Gallery where we can see art everywhere and art is so plentiful that we can purchase and place it anywhere as well!


Zero Tolerance!

If you really really really and truly love something whatever that is that is your life passion and the lifeblood of your work - then there is a way to take whatever seems to be getting in the way - be it a health problem - yours or anyone else's - some crises - financial difficulty - emotional issue or whatever and
make that actually help you to expand the doing of what you are passionate about - since it is your lifeblood it does not have to nor is it a good idea to allow that to be forced to stop because you are at a point which looks like a block or that something seems to have gotten in the way - life is given us to be lived every single moment and that is our responsibility -----to live it in every moment and not to let anything get in the way - but to see how what is there that seems to be in the way can enhance our lives - for example the situation with your mother and her hip can - if you so choose - be a great experience both to look at many things in life in different ways than you might normally and also to see how whatever you love doing can be incorporated in those situations and moments that you will find yourself in being with your mom - and perhaps sharing those things with her in a more intimate way than you might otherwise have a chance to or even consciously ever thing about doing - this may just be the beginning of an entirely new relationship with her and many other people that you may come across or meet along the way - an opportunity to change the entire course of the rest of your life - for the betterment of both your experience and that of many other people whose lives you will be able to touch in some kind and generous way!

Infinite Generation!

we are in

Infinite Generation!

only if you are interested:

Infinite Generation

but at this point in time not everyone is able to grasp this concept or even begin to understand the implications?

Do you?

Want to?

Know how to?

Know where to begin?

Are you ready for such constant -










Friday, May 23, 2008


what is success? this word like so many other concepts or ideas is subject to the person who is giving thought to it and its meaning - If I work passionately at what I do every day - I do not think at all about whether I am a success or if I am being a success or if I am becoming a success I just am - creating and working on those things that absorb all of my being!



Thursday, May 22, 2008

some thoughts that can be applied to business - art and life in general

Perhaps some difficulties that occur arise from people who are just beginning in business attempting to learn by imitating or copying the methods used by others especially when it comes to the tools that are being pushed or touted as the latest means to keep in contact with people -some of it makes sense for business with some businesses - some of it makes less sense with other businesses and some of it makes little or no sense in other situations - where can I go to find out what is right for me to pursue with my business and my specific customers or with people that I want to reach?

Nowhere - I can experiment - ask people - look for advice all over the place but when it comes down to making the final or actual or decisive decision that will be used by me in my business - it must be my choice and I must live with either the success from the decision or see that it is an utter failure and stop using the specific tool or tools in the way or ways that are not working -negative feedback - positive feed back are all helpful or not but most of all my gut feelings as to how this or that is working or not working - that is really what is important - what I believe will work*** see my earlier post on beliefs:

About beliefs - for anyone!

I am beginning to wonder Denis - what causes you or inspired you or prompted you or what made you think that there was some value or need or some great benefit to be had by everyone or one person or a few people by initiating this post -

When it comes to posts and other people's motivations for beginning them on many of the topics that are begun here or on RYZE in general or on other forums throughout the Internet - and sometimes I am not even sure of my own motivations in this area of life as well - I mean that I might start out thinking that I have something to offer others but sometimes I find that the views or perceptions that other people have about what I sometimes write is so very different than mine I begin to wonder if we are in fact speaking the same language or talking about the same subject or are really relating to each other at all about business - and so I have much to learn and yet I still - even when learning have that within me which says that something is making sense of not - and I also know and am aware that something that is 180 degrees from the direction that I am pointed in can be just as valid a viewpoint and making as much sense to someone else and the same for all of the infinite directions that the other arrows are pointed in from where I am to the fellow that is 180 degrees opposite from me - In order for all of us to be different there has to be as many different directions that arrows are to be pointing in that are different than the direction that mine is pointing in whether that be only a fraction of a degree different or somewhere around 160 degrees from where I am -and therefore closer to the fellow whose arrow is pointed 180 degrees away from the direction of my arrow - this just must be the case in order for each individual to express and live and get in touch with and to nurture and proliferate that which is within them that is unique -


my conversation with Nate continued.....

then Nate goes on:

That is a good point. Connecting personal experiences can be
an enormously successful marketing tactic.

How do you think all of the thousands of people you pass
your cards out to connect with your artwork?

to which I reply:

that is a good question -

perhaps there will never be a way to specifically know the case or situation for each individual person that receives my business card - but in the case of my newest client who is very involved with the designing of clothes - the artwork that she found in my Imagekind galleries - definitely had left a positive impression on her such that it reinforced the recommendation that she had gotten from someone else to use me for photographing her clothes -

From this surprising result I can say that there must be as many different possible variations of connections or non connections with my art work as there are individuals who actually take my business card -

In fact what a person does with my card when they first receive it starts some type of relationship between my art work and then since I consider my "Self Portrait" to be as much one of my art images as any of my other images.



It is red -

it is white -

it is blue -

it boils -

it seethes-

it runs smoothly -

it clogs -

it fortifies -

it enriches -

it bleeds -

it coagulates -

if runs the entire living system on the planet earth - (perhaps elsewhere)

it pulses through arteries and veins

it creates pressure

it comes in different types

it gets thin

it gets thick

it run cold

it runs hot

it carries germs

it fights germs

and it is the one things that we all humans have in common

no matter what -

can we start an international blood network?

website versus personal human interactions -

perhaps some people are more interesting than websites

and then perhaps some websites are more interesting than some people

since sometimes websites are a reflection of some very interesting people and the way that they thing

while other websites might lean towards simply a mechanical means of either presenting something interesting or not and/or selling something interesting or not

while some people are extremely interesting and yet are extremely skimpy are scarce when it come to conversing with some people that they may not know while being very open and giving in the way of conversation with people that they have certain personal relationships with -

and then others just freeze up or are afraid or may not care about conversing with other people no matter who they are


some people may not be able to talk with anyone in their circle of family and friends and at the same time may be very able and spend a great deal of time talking with strangers as if they were the closest buddies to them -

anyway what I believe I am attempting to convey is that there are a great many different and varying combinations of some of the above and perhaps tons more and what works for some people may or may not work for others to an infinite number of varying degrees -

About beliefs - for anyone!

where do we go from here?

Just be yourself - whatever that is - whatever you can consistently be without any unnecessary strain or force or masks or block or walls and you will attract those people that are genuinely able to relate or understand or accept who and what you are and what you are about and you will do fine - all of the rest is perhaps getting into such gray areas and unknowns and superficial hyperboles that no one really understand what is being said or what is meant - except that it may sound nice or someone has proclaimed themselves an expert or some such thing like a guru and they may or may not be that - and they may or may not have zillions of followers and they may or may not have so much money that they have made and can fly around in a jet or a jalopy (they both are spelled with a j I see) and none of that may mean or may not mean something to you in your own personal life -

so here is my post on one of my blogs about beliefs (not a religious theme at all) that might help or might not help- anyone who is by any chance interested in taking a few moments or a long time to read it:


My Guiding Principles!

I never thought about this in these terms before but I would say the my guiding principle is to follow my own basic philosophy which is -

the slower you go

the faster you get

to where you want

to be


if you are enjoying

where you are

you don't have to go anywhere -

This allows me the perspective to operate in a totally different manner or from a very different perspective than that which I have seen many businesses work on - or from.

If - for example - I am happy where I am doing what I am doing - I feel no need to pressure clients or potential clients to either make an initial purchase or an additional purchase - I am simply and continuously in a calm and relaxed manner letting people know that I exist - and what is possible for me to do for them in the way of business products and services -

If - as another example - I am working with a particular client and am highly focused on doing the best work that is possible for me to do for that client - then I have no concern for the time or the money that is being spent or that is being made - my only concern is accomplishing the image or product that the particular client that I am working with at that particular moment in time wishes to achieve or have as a result after their time spent working with me -

If - for an example - I am not in a rush to have someone purchase one of my artistic images - but am only focused on doing my best to let potential viewers know that my images do exist - that new ones are being made on a constant basis and that these images are available for them to view and review as many times as they would like to view them and review them and that there is absolutely no pressure by me - put on them to make a purchase ever - then the potential purchaser's are free to make such a person when and if they are ready within themselves to do so - while the others who are still wherever they are in the process of simply viewing or perhaps thinking about making a purchase of any one of the products available can do so when such is the best time for them to do so!

and finally for this post -

If - for a final example - I am working on creating an artistic image which will be presented later on to viewers as mentioned above - then there is nothing else on my mind but simply working to create a mood - a feeling of passion - an embracing of harmony with my subject - a feeling of joy - a tinge of inspiration a burst of energy - a unity with nature or any or all of the above in any number of combinations in differing proportions within an image or series of images - then nothing else is allowed to distract me from the pure pleasure of achieving such feelings within myself by a highly concentrated single focus while viewing such images as I am creating them and as they are taking shape or transforming so that I may perhaps achieve that which is my desired accomplishment at the moment of conception and as well so that the particular image or images that I am working might be able as well to convey the same vibrations in another individual or groups of individuals who may have been drawn towards viewing these images for themselves -

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


About beliefs - for anyone!

Belief is such that whatever you believe in will work -

will work!

whether you believe in an old man with a beard - (not my friend Rasheed - he is too young:-))

a thing called a higher power or the can opener in your kitchen - your unwavering faith and belief in what it is that you have set your mind on to believe - will work - unless or until your thinking changes and then your faith and belief must change with that thinking shift.

This is the way things work -

Because we are all made of the same stuff - is fine (if one either accepts or even begins to understand this) - but there is no telling how anyone gets to what it is that they believe in and just as some people need and focus on the belief in a candle light - there are others whose perspective and understanding are less encompassing and others whose perspective and undertanding are more encompassing -

If I tell you that the spirit or God that everyone refers to is pure energy (nad that this pure energy is shaped by thoughts which are pure energy as well) - and it seems to be different than what you are feeling comfortable with as far as your current level of understanding - there will only be some misunderstanding - or conflict or even rejection about that which I have said to you -whether what I have said is true for someone else or not!

It is true - that whatever you focus on will manifest in your life but - and I know that this is a very important point in the equation - based on what your perception of a particular thing or idea is - that same idea will vary for each different individual focusing on it - and therefore focusing on Spirit or God being energy will mainifest in different things or as different experiences for different people -

If we, for a moment grasp the fact that thoughts are things (as has been written in so many different places) then it stands to reason that anyone can have a different thought at any given moment about the same thing or experience or idea or dream -

Some of this I have dealt with expressing through my drawing Fluctuations on:

my RYZE page

and then the animation that was created from various mutations of that drawing Fluctuations - Fluctuating Abstract ionism that is presented on my web site home page:


don't worry - neither one of them will hurt you - Fluctuations is simply a drawing and the animation is that same drawing in motion - alive and representing my take on the world and the way both I and perhaps some other people experience things -

If you think that this does not make any sense when you first see it because of your belief that it won't - it will not make sense to you -but if you begin to look at with the idea in your mind that there may be something to what I am saying - then you will be able to begin to see what it is that I am saying and sooner than later there will be some magic things happening - if you keep in mind that at any point in time you may be feeling good or bad or so so about anything (it does not matter what the main topic or subject is) and eventually your perception will change sometimes gradually - sometimes instantly but things will always change- and one thing to remember that might help is that if you or anyone is at a point in time in their life and they seem to be stuck - a little bit of motion - movement - looking at things from a different angle may allow them (sometimes for some people) to catch a glimpse of what they have been stuck at or looking at from a singular (not the phone company - that is cingular) perspective from a slightly different angle and then things begin to free up (sometimes for some individuals) -

Anyone thinks - speaks and writes only from the perspective and position that they are in now - based on their current understanding of whatever it is that they are writing about and for each author this changes over time and they begin and continue to relate their writings to things that they are faced with as challenges or that they feel the need to explain as things become clearer for them and perhaps sometimes even less clear -

It is also some people's reality that the more that they think that you know the more they see how little they really do know -

Therefore - from my perspective - it has definitely been helpful to read various authors and teachers along the way in my own development from where I began my inquisitiveness and yet at any particular point in time both I and anyone else may find themselves branching off on their own inner road of understanding even very often surpassing any teacher out there and even sometimes acquiring their own students or simply becoming and perhaps remaining their very own student during the continuous introspection that one may develop along the way -

Looking back can help as well - since if one has made a large amout of progress or has taken that quantum leap from a certain starting point and then for whatever reason one finds themselves in an environment or falling back or floundering as to which direction to go in - looking back from whence one came in an attempt to re-establish the connection between the starting point and the quantum leap that was made from that starting point is - for some people, a perfectly valid way of doing things- just as anything that works for any one individual is a valid way - for that individual.

To use an example of this that I use to remind myself of the fact that we are all individuals and can all accomplish the same thing in effect each in their very own unique way - I take you to the ocean (or for those who have never had the pleasure of the ocean I will take you instead to a lake in the early spring time) -

There we may find any number of different people - differing in shapes and sizes and body skin tones but all attempting to enter the water for the expected pleasure of the experience - of being immersed in it - even here the expected experience is different for each person -

Looking closely at the different approaches of entering that water - we will find as many dfferent approaches to this task of submerging oneself - as their are individuals starting out on the adventure of either the ocean or the lake shore line -

The same thing goes for each individaul's way of getting in touch with that power within - but mind - you some people may never get beyond dipping their toes into that ocean and that is fine for their personalities and level of desire to enter that water - and others are in there in a flash - and still others may also drown themselves and have their entire lives snubbed out in quick moment by losing themselves totally in something that they do not know how to deal with - or to emerge from -----

So - please remember that I have written this from my own unique and individual perspective and this merely represents my own individual understanding of things at this point in time -

I, like everyone else in the world, am free to move in any direction that I so choose to from this point in time and from this point of understanding where I seem to be (or am as far as my understanding is concerned) now -

thank you!

Walter :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

our conversation continues -

Nate then asks:

What is it that draws someone in? What is that people want to see?

I respond:

sometimes it is just something - some one element out of many that make up and image that is captivating a certain person - like a particular shade of a certain color - a pastel blue that strikes some cord from a person' past or a shape that reminds them of something that they had seen long ago -

perhaps the biggest influence in the life of any person is whatever they were exposed to when they were younger -

For example - I walked into a bar - b - q chicken shop today and there was John Lennon - the Three Stooges - The Beverly Hill Billies right there on the wall - staring me in the face - fantastic environment for someone of my era - quite captivating - nostalgic and memorable to draw me to that location again -

Then Nate asks and I respond -

Nate then asks me:

But how do you get that initial look and how you keep them coming back can be two different things, right?

to which I respond:

perhaps one thing draws them in but other things hold them there - such as becoming familiar with an image wanting to go to the museum to see that particular piece of art and then getting to see more and more images when you return each time and then both wanting to see those again and again as well as being interested to seeing the new ones that are being shown and then this repeating as a cycle or circular increasing exponential growth until you do not want to leave the museum at all - due to limited space the museums now are not able to increase what they are showing you but are forced to limit what pieces of art they are able to show you at any one time due to limited physical space - that is exactly the selling point that imagekind should utilize to get the museums to join the imagekind system and then not only are the museums then part of the imagekind system but then all the members of imagekind become associated with the museums in a very intimate way
- an association that will almost bind them together like never before -

What I have in mind for my images! a letter to my friend Nate

Dear Nate

While I think that I understand the digg site and can see the value of being in such an arena - I don't quite think that it is quite up to what I am thinking about in my mind - of course I may be wrong or there may never be something created by myself or others close to what I have in mind - but I don't think that the images in Imagekind or my web site should have to fit into the categories of either the sensational or of the - I have to look at it now and never again - type but of the quality or quantity or both - where people need to keep coming back to be able to understand just what it is that they are looking at or viewing and also of the quality or nature which draws them back over and over and over again - in the way that I have been drawn to return to some of the Museums in New York City and elsewhere - in order to feel that I have fulfilled or completed a desire to return once I have seen them and the art that they contain within their walls -
I believe that type of draw or pull on the minds of the viewers will create what I am looking to create in the order of a viral marketing experience - and so the search goes on to accomplish such a program -

thank you!

Monday, May 19, 2008

the first complete gallery showing of individual images -

Well there you have it - the first showing ever on this blog of the entire collection in a gallery of a series of images shown individually here one by one - each in its own posting - can you imagine that I am able to show you this within a matter of moments from the time that I decided to place it here in such a manner on this blog -

Yes everyone is doing it and everyone can do it and with these miraculous tools - art becomes accessible to people from all over the world without the expense of traveling and paying an entrance fee *(so far) as well as the opportunity to see these images again and again whenever or from wherever you would like -

Imagine that up until now there might be a year or years before someone from out of state or another country or even myself might be able to find the time or the cost of the entrance fee to get into a museum to see one piece or other that particularly struck my fancy or anyone else's -

How things like this are sped up and changed and how this effects people's thinking and ability to get in touch with certain things that might matter to an individual such as colors or shapes and textures that they are now able to access and utilize in whatever way their minds decide to process them -

I can only imagine the great strides that will be made in different industries and cultures because of these tools and what will we will be in store for in the future -




















Now for the Museum -

When I was very young I had little knowledge of any museum except the Brooklyn Museum where my grandparents lived and which I visited quite often with my aunt and father and uncle and whoever else wanted to join me and my brother on out Sunday outings to my grandparent and was up to a trek to the museum on the days when we decided to make such a trip - but there I was only encountering totem polls and ancient artifacts - giant stone monoliths and such that were all very nice but nothing that indicated to me anything about the world of modern art or that there were any museums that held such works of art -

When I first visited either the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art or the Whitney Museum it all was very vague to me for some reason or other - but I do remember during my college days sitting in on a lecture given by Leo Castelli about how he chose various artists for his galleries exhibitions (quite by accident if you ask me) and I had not idea at that time just how famous he as an art dealer was or would become -

But my thinking about this time and still is is that there are a great many artists and the number is constantly increasing and while there are so many that might be creating excellent work - there are very few - relatively speaking who ever get their work in the museums - and at that time until very recently - my knowledge of just how many museums there were or are was rather skimpy as well - but my main point after all of this contemplation was that the great bodies of work that the many artists who do live in our society hardly have a chance to have their work seen by anyone if they are not shown in a gallery or most definitely in a museum and even what is shown in either of these outlets is most definitely out of sheer necessity if for no other reason - greatly reduced or edited so that there is rarely more than a mere sampling of any artists work that any individual student or art lover or aspiring artist may subject themselves to seeing - what a shame -

And then comes along to greet us just in the nick of time - the Internet - the computer - digitalization of images -the digital camera and bingo --------------Imagekind the ultimate answer to all of my dreams!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Letter to a friend about images in my galleries at bebirianart.com


I have been photographing for 50 years now so the time you have waited to respond to me is relatively short -

The only difficulty in your requiring or preferring (or however you may wish to put it) to see a physical photograph or painting first is that I have transferred and transformed my entire being and work to the format where there is not any nor will there be any prints unless or until an individual, organization, museum or gallery purchases such of an image from the website that you see here:


This is my decision and such a decision may make things almost impossible in the way of making any sales at all for the present moment, however this program or way of doing things makes it extremely affordable for people from all over the world to view my images even though there is at this point in time *(as you yourself describe in your e-mail to me) a disconnect still between seeing the image on a screen and feeling that one has seen the actual art work - however for me that is like saying that I will not be able to see or read or understand your words until or unless I see them written out or typed onto a physical sheet of paper - there is no difference that you or I (or anyone else) knows of between the two except for the perception that one is more valid or real due to years of one's conditioning of having to read words on a physical paper since computers and internet and screens such as the ones that you and I view our messages on did not exist prior to this point in time - the same for a recording of music or a movie of any sort - for example hearing my voice in this video for example:

Video I am referring to in this letter

is the exact same as hearing it over the telephone and in person pretty much and I would not expect that if you began recognizing my voice after hearing it on this one video that you would not know the same voice when and if you were ever to hear it in person in the actual physical sense - In that respect I believe that you have seen and will see my images as much as anyone has or will until they themselves (or yourself for that matter) decide to partake in the new and amazing step of the viewer becoming part of the creative process where you are able to make a choice as to what type of paper or canvas an image is printed on as well as its size and whether or not it is matted and/or framed and therefore have created together with me a definitely unique product that has an exceedingly high value both because of it's rarity and because of its creation specific to your very own needs and desires for seeing my image presented or produced to your very own personal specifications - totally unheard of prior to this point in time unless you were either a king - a pope or a patron of a specific artist!

thank you!













Just prior to beginning my photography business -

Right before I was even thinking I was at all ready for beginning a business with photography I had concentrated on some street work - and one of my themes became "Street Musicians" which showed in an art gallery - the first time for a photographic exhibit to show in an art gallery since during that period of time and even in some circles today there is still debate and controversy as to whether or not photography is art:

Street Musicians Basic Collection-#001

to be continued..........







Some thoughts over time about things that have changed in the Art World

During the first 42 years that I have been photographing and creating art there were some things that changed but not until 8 years ago has there ever been such profound changes in my opinion and view in the Art World and Art Industry and I am not sure that most people are really consciously aware of just how much of a change and how profound the change has been and how this will effect just about everything in everyone's lives from now on -

I have been now photographing and creating art for a little over 50 years. When I took my very first photograph in 1959 there was little doubt in my mind how much of a big step this was for me to be able to capture things that I saw and that were important to me with the push of a button rather than all of the effort that had to be put into painting the scene that I was looking at - but what I did not fathom at the tender age of 8 years old was that anyone else in the world would ever see any of my work -

Later on during my years at different colleges I did submit my images to various exhibits in those colleges and even had centerfold spot in the Literary Magazine Whereas at Queens College - not a bad start as things go - but as soon as I graduated college I became very driven to create my own business rather than stay at any clerical jobs that I was qualified for and so I stuck my sights on getting published in Vogue Magazine - and achieved this not by getting hired for editorial work at the magazine but by capturing the interest of a clothing store that had just opened its doors on Fifth Avenue and which I envisioned needed some American/New York Photography to fit into its new environment - so with the Ted Lapidus Boutique on Fifth Avenue I put my foot in the door of the fashion world - began my business and became published in Vogue Magazine all at the same time:

The Ted Lapidus Collection

That was quite a powerful beginning but I was also looking to grow at a very rapid rate and so with the collaboration of David

The David Caruso Collection

- whose sister Joyce along with David himself had helped me secure the Ted Lapidus assignment for the ads in Vogue *(the Ted Lapidus store was my client already before I met David and only was friends with Joyce since I photographed the store for their annual report and had photographed the store window displays for the window designer Nicole's portfolio) - I proceeded to work together on creating a motion picture script with David centered around a client that I had at the time *(The Iranian Armenian Association) and an assignment that I had to photograph the welcoming of the Shah of Iran in Washington, D.C.:

Lead Photograph #1 for "Zip 11375"

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