Thursday, September 25, 2008


salads - freshness timing - stories and business relevance

Speaking of salads and keeping them fresh - this brings to mind the many different types of salads that I have eating over the years- whether it has been a garden salad - a caesar salad - a been salad - a beets salad - a tomatoes and onions salad - a cucumber salad or a cucumber and yogurt salad - all of which have a distinct taste - a refreshing feeling when eaten fresh but most importantly in relation to your video - a different amount of time which they will remain fresh or in the case of a story relating to your business - a different lingevity during which the story and the business may be linked together to the advantage of your business -

next step

every step of the way of my entire life has been a story or many little mini stories all stores up inside my mind - and yet the really need the images to go with the - for example - once I received that Brownie camera - the first ever photograph that I took with it - the absolute very first ever picture of all time for me - was a photograph of my Uncle Jack Arabian (who by the way was a TV Engineer with ABC (American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.) and who had shown me the early studios of ABC at 66th Street when he was stationed there and the place was literally a bunch of wires hanging out all over the place) while he was cooking shish kebab on a machine the he had invented - it had a mechanism where a motor turned the skewers holding the shish kebab pieces of meat by way of a bicycle chain -

An absolutely delicious sight to behold and to be photographing - actually that scene very often comes to mind whenever I photograph - no matter what the subject is or where I am - so in essence I am still that eight year old boy discovering and taking pictures with my new camera -

but after those first few shots - we went on to Atlantic City (that is before it was reopened more recently) and I got some shots of the Steel Peer and the people performing there - so right away a new and exciting world had been opened up for me to see and enjoy and to be amazed at and to capture in time with this new absolutely amazing tool -

and the new discoveries have never ceased to show up for me to capture -

such as this view of the Wrold Trade Center Twin Towers from atop of Trinity Church - the first time and view that I had ever seen of the them after their completion:

The World Trade Center Towers from Atop Trinity Church

the beginning -

You know - there once was a seven year old boy who had gone with is father into the local laundromat - and while there he was looking up at the prices per pound of the service that was offered - and all of a sudden this little seven year old boy was asked by his father - who was a policeman in Greenwich Village in New York City - “what do you want to be when you grow up?” - and that was the only time even till this day and his father is now 91 years old and the boy is 58 - that his father had ever said anything like that -

well the boy answered - a policeman or fireman - the first of course because every young boy who looks up to his father in a proud an loving manner wants to be like his father - and then the second because he figured he should have at least one other choice if he did not qualify for the first - and also he liked the colors blue (the uniforms of both professions are the color blue) and then he thought that the color red of the fire engines was not bad either - but then his father quickly replied - “no you’re not!” and as I said earlier never mentioned anything about this again even till this day -

but a few weeks later it was this little boy’s eighth birthday and for his birthday he received a Kodak “Brownie” camera and so in the mind of this little eight year old boy -he figured that his parents were telling him that they did not want him shooting with a gun - not now or ever - but that it was instead OK to shoot with a camera - and so he has been doing just that ever since - :-)

thank you for listening to this story -


Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Many times I have sat in an Empty Parking Lot!

Many times I have sat in an empty Parking Lot - a dreary place to be I would like to assure you and now that I look back - I can find absilutley no reason why I ever was in such a place or why - after at least once experiencing such an even - I had ever found myself in such a place again - for a second or third occurrence of the exact same nature (or even more for that matter) how on earth (or anywhere else for that matter) I actually came to be in such a predicament again -

I was Eating a Banana this Morning!

That's right - I was eating a banana this morning - actually just about three minutes ago and I caught a whiff of the smell of the banana - so faint and almost invisible - so much so that it somehow gave my senses the impression of the scent of a pine tree and all of a sudden I was enjoying Christmas - oh what a joyous time - with the eggnog and cinnamon sticks making everything smell so alive amidst the barren nature of the leaveless trees - and then the snow - but we are now in September and the leaves - unlike previous years - have not even begun changing colors for all that matter - no less started dropping from the branches of the trees - and so I will let the smell go - along with my quick demise of the banana - and simply move on to my early morning slice of apple pie with a deliciously cold glass of milk with a piece of ice -

enjoy your day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


a letter of recommendation

Volord Kingdom

To Whom it may concern -
I wish to recommend your attendance
at the opening ceremonies at the
Hardesters Shopping Center in
Hidden Valley Lake, CA on Saturday
October 18th, 2008 from 1 to 4 PM.
which will celebrate with an
Octoberfest theme - one of the best
times of the year to enjoy family fun
and food! And don’t forget to bring
your laptops in order to keep in
touch with the rest of the world since
FREE Wi-Fi will be provided
throughout the shopping center -
I would be there myself but other
commitments keep me from
attending in body although you may
catch a glimpse of me there in spirit
if you so happen to have brought
your laptop and logged into my
galleries at:
thank you!
Walter Paul Bebirian



Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008


about the chocolate ice cream -

OK - so I posted on facebook that I jsut had chocolate ice cream and a few people jumped on that as a chance to say that they wanted to be included in on my dessert and then it became a point in the dialog as to whether chocolate is what people wanted or they wanted the ice cream with strawberries and then it turned to strawberry ice cream -

How could we possibly satisfy all of these desires at once - and motivate those who are interested in having ice cream in whatever flavor is of their choice to both go out and purchase that ice cream that they wish to have and to then sit themselves (or stand whichever is more convenient) and really enjoy this ---let's see -

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Walter is discovering how to expand

on his writings at facebook utilizing the facebook introduction and the link there to direct people who are interested in reading more to come to this blog and this entry on this blog -

what I have been attempting to express this morning is that there is so much both for me to explore a new from where I have explored already and so much more that I have briefly passed by in my life and that I would like to have more time to stop at each of these places that I have passed and really get more involved with both photographing the areas and getting to know the people more - their lives - their dreams and whatever else I can get to know about them -

I have also been attempting to express to my friends on facebook that I would like to help each and every one of them to find an image that exists or I will create such an image - to help them be motivated and to help them remain on track and have enough energy and drive to reach their dreams -

What are your dreams my friends - let me know and I will work together with you to create an image that will surely help you achieve them - which you can come any time to look at in my galleries -

thank you!

Walter :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



talking about leadership?

what type of leaders are you talking about?

where are the leaders leading the followers to?

why do people need leaders now anyway - ?

There is a peeve mentioned above - but is it really clear that that that peeve is an objection to the removal of the original statement which occurs after substantive posts have been removed afterwords - (this is in reference to a network where there is supposed thinking going on and yet posts are routinely removed from the threads because they don't seem to follow anyone else's line of thinking or understanding for that matter)

if - and this is a supposition - people are really and honestly interested in thought and the process by which it takes its course - then the removal of anything from any part of the chain of development (no matter what was said or why it was removed) automatically obliterates the chain of development and leaving any or all of what is there once some part of the chain is removed is a false representation of the development -

for example -

Thomas Edison went and invented a light bulb -

great -

he did 10,000 failed experiments towards making that light bulb - before he hit upon a successful try that got him his invention - the light bulb -

Edison's approach was that he did not have 10,000 failures but found 10,000 ways with which not to take the approach in his next attempts -

this shows a process of thinking which is very different then simply going on to another experiment but a methodical approach - which for his type of creation or experiments towards inventions were important or at least worked for him -

All humans do not work or think or follow the same methods when aiming for whatever goals that they are developing or working through -

just as all businesses are not begun or conceived of or serve people the same way and all marketing strategies are not made from the same mold and all radical variations from the norm do not work for all types of other businesses - so

What is a leader of a network is not the same as a leader of a business is not the same as the leader of an entire industry is not the same as a leader of a nation or is not the leader of a society -

which leaders are we referring to and why is the leader of a network not allowed to be challenged - is this a dictatorship?

are the few people who agree with the leader able to help that leader enforce the dictatorial stance and go on to calling this a think environment -

is the leader above challenge?

are we in a brain wash environment -

on the Internet - when so many people are fed the same formula for doing one thing or the other - does anyone ever think that the repetition of this same formula over and over and over again is hardly doing anything but creating temporary bursts of energy in one direction or the other but nothing sustainable since there is the need which was there in the first place and is still there that remains unfulfilled?

and if this particular post is removed - what is the righteousness in that - on whose terms and by whose definition?

Saturday, September 6, 2008