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some discussion on my development in utilizing some marketing tools on the Internet

Lindy said to Walter "Your energy is so focused on whatever it is that you are doing, you don't seem to have room in your mind for anything else. Perhaps you have reached your potential!"

Should someone ask ..... My advice would be to define your objective and proceed to remove everything from your life that doesn't help you get there.

That would be one step up the ladder of reaching our potential.

Other lifestyles would be to pursue the fashionable, convenient and the route of least resistance and where does that get US?

Fascinating topic .... Voice room anyone?

Just the musings of a geezer in training.

Nite Y'all


Teddy Towncrier CPP Supercharging Your Visions.

Private Reply to Teddy Towncrier

Jul 19, 2008 8:11 am re: Re: Teddy: re: I am on twitter - but #

Walter Paul Bebirian Teddy -

the question that I ask myself is whether or not other things that I personally can do would be of any value to my overall plan or goal or project or objective and that is always a tricky question - even if I have an answer - I do not want to get too deeply involved with any discussion which distracts me from what I have my focus on - but there are a few points that I can make now that I have been posting my images for a bit or since the beginning of this thread and then some of the pressure of distraction was removed by your kind post pointing out the value of focusing on what it is that I must do to accomplish my own goals and not allowing myself to follow anyone else's agenda or how anyone else thinks I should pursue those goals *(if they even happen to be aware of or think that they are aware of them at all).

What I am about to say is part of an ongoing problem or difficulty that I have found or discovered exists in various spots or areas of endeavor throughout the Internet -

At the time of my initial post or a few days after, I discovered that the posting function that exists at twitter that I had originally directed my question towards - also is very similar if not exactly as the same mini feed posting function that exists at and so I began posting the exact same information at both locations and then yesterday I discovered that it might be more pleasant to place the tiny urls that are generated at the twitter site when I place the long url for any gallery there in the post - into the facebook post to replace the long urls there - that is one new development - another is that there are a few things that I have posted anywhere within the RYZE network or on my blog that I felt might be of interest or of value to anyone reading any of my posts or following what I am doing on the twitter and facebook systems which I have begun to post on these two systems and perhaps I may give a link to this particular post here in this thread on both of these as well -

So from what I have expressed above - and from my perspective - I have begun to get a little bit of a feel as to how I might utilize these tools in such a way as to - (not focused on myself and increasing traffic to my site and/or increasing my business) increase the value for anyone seriously interested in following what it is that I am saying or sharing with them by making these posts which they may perhaps be following -

Another thing that has occurred simultaneously - and rather quite without plan - is that the front landing page (which is referred to by that system as my profile page) for my imagekind galleries no longer takes forever or instead brings an error page or server not responding page and so there is a great relief on my part to see that this has been fixed. Although this was a very deep and troubling problem - it was something that was specific to my galleries only because of the large number of images within a large number of galleries that I have there and so as with many things relating to myself and my work in various locations throughout the internet on various systems that I find myself focused on - there is often this type of technical difficulty due to both my often prolific nature as well as because I am looking for a solution or for a system to be upgraded - updated - modernized - brought up to speed or whatever term that anyone would like to assign the phenomenon occurring so that that system that I am focused on will then be working more smoothly and be able to handle both the existing efforts that I am currently making in addition to those that I plan to make in the future -

As a result of a combination of these things that I mentioned above - there has been a sharp increase in the amount of image views per day and therefore per week that has been indicated to me by the imagekind system -

Unfortunately - these different changes did not occur at individual times and separately so that I could see if any one of them was cause of an even more significant change than any of the others - but that is often the nature of things here in the Internet World - many changes occurring simultaneous of many variables effecting results all at once -

And in addition - while these changes were taking place - Cafe Press made the purchase of the Imagekind System - which did perhaps bring about so far the more speedy fixing of the problem related to the profile page on the Imgekind System that I mentioned above - but thankfully - the main thrust of the advantage yet to take place as a result of the Imagekind System being now part of the Cafe Press System has not taken place yet and will not do so for either another few weeks or a few months at which time the Cafe Press expertise of marketing and traffic building will be added to the current mix increasing the spike in viewing of my images even that much more - but that as with many things along the way in the Internet World - is something that I will have to wait patiently to see both the initiation of as well as the results of as well -

In the meantime I have somewhat of a pattern for the twitter and facebook as well as the blog posts and in addition I have been able from time to time to add a few bits of information along the way which may provide some interesting insights to anyone who wishes to follow what I am doing along the way -

Perhaps, in response to Teddy's previous post above - I am more inclined to create a fashion out of what tools exist to me - rather than follow an existing fashion - somewhat part of what I perceive as my inborn nature -

thank you!


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I do my best to refrain from expressing any one feeling or group of feelings associated with any image or series of images simply because there are so many of these feelings and perhaps emotions that I experience while creating one image or series of images that it would most probably be most distracting to attempt such a recording of these as well as only a partial indication of what actually transpires within while creating any one image or series thus given the viewers and readers of such information a false sense of what is acutually going on in the process.


right now the momentum of the amount of views that viewers are looking at my images is beginning to pickup and that to means a great deal - this is happening just exactly the way that I had imagined it and confirms my suspicions as to how things work within the system that I have placed my images in galleries in and how things build up on the Internet as well -

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What is Networking?

Network - such a vague and nebulous term whether it is a noun - or a verb - to me from years ago and still in my mind - the network - where I worked - American Broadcasting Companies, Inc (ABC) is still one of the big networks although perhaps very different than it was such a long time ago back in 1971 - but there was the basics for that which people are attempting to accomplish socially - in today's business world -

the network - was a group of affiliate stations all connected to the parent company in some way or other running either tv or radio programming emanating from headquarters at least part of the day and then local spots and programming during the rest of the hours left - but the main advantage of having a network was to offer to your advertisers national coverage in all of these little affiliate stations at a certain time at one grand rate that would be much too difficult to buy if you were going to individually buy them at the same time that you could this one spot nationally on a network -

then the phone company came along and chose to call what they have - a network to show how powerful all those phones connecting to each other could be - or with the fax networks - one fax could be sent out to many fax machines with a single transmission -

I believe to really call what we have here a network - we must consider in some way how to leverage telling one person into that message being spread or networked to a number of that person's connections such that the message is spread to the group if you will -

If I tell you in a post here - for example - that the company cafe press - the on line t- shirt and print on demand company has just purchased imagekind - the fine art print on demand company for exquisite fine art prints with 5.5 millions choices available for each image that an artist or even for an amateur who places their images in the galleries in the imagekind system - and you then let your friends who may be interested in that information or viewers who stop by here and read the post with the information that I have just written then this one placement of the information here may spread throughout a number of channels either through the individuals that frequent this network on a daily basis or those who get e-mail notices and check the threads at that point if they are interested in the postings in a particular topic of a specific thread or through the passerby here and there that just join RYZE and are searching for networks that they may perhaps be interested in joining or - those people who are enticed by the listing of this thread on any of the search engines and are interested either in the topic of the heading or perhaps in the particular poster and what he or she has to say - and in this particular post in this thread that simply would be me - and in this case as I have discovered over time the search engines may pick up any number of things to list this post by - whether it is the words how do you network or my name Walter Paul Bebirian or he address of my web sites that are in my signatures - and or it may be indexed by something that I have written about in this post such as American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. and that is my take on this networking thing without too much mystery or falsehood attached to it - but I believe with a it of the social taken out -

of course within ABC the entire network which was comprised of the FM Network - the AM Network - the TV stations and affiliates as well as the Record Company (comprised of a number of divisions) the Motion Picture Company and the Theatre Division including the Real Estate Division dealing with the real estate properties that the theatres were built on -the Art Department - the Photography Department - News - etc. there were ways to make friends with anyone in any of the other divisions and I suppose do what is implied in this social networking arena - which is help each other out - by being able to get records for one person or the other or books or theatre tickets - popcorn and soda from the theatre division - opera tickets or ticket for the rock concerts from the record division or the radio station and then there was the possibility in partaking in the events of one division if you were in another division depending on how sociable or how good friends you were with any of the people in the other divisions holding an event and just how much time or how much you were willing to spend time and thought and help wise to the other groups project -

but on the other hand it seems as if - you are not able to write in a way that people are interested in what you have to say or they do not understand it because it is not something they can grasp because it is not something that they are familiar with or for whatever reason - then this may not work out as smoothly as within the corporate network - especially since within the network - of course a person could advance or get a better job or hop over onto another division by being friends with one person or another - for example when I worked at the record company I worked for a vice president there who when the record company was relocated to California moved on over to work with his brother in/law in the Motion Picture Division and that is how I found myself working with my own office in the motion picture division with my office without really having to look very hard for this position - working for the VP of Worldwide Sales and Distribution - it really wasn't something that I had to think about too much then - it just sort of happened because I was there and able to talk with people and I have always loved what I do no matter what that is - so much more to the stories of the past - but the networking thing goes on every single day in one way or other in one corner of the town or the city to the next blog etc. and the thing is it is just something that happens - not something that I have to go out of my way to force or try to make happen -

now here is an example - to be specific that happened just yesterday - I received a call from a Gallery owner who had read somewhere that I was friends with this famous black and white photo printer Igo Bakht and since he did not have a current working number and I guess could not find one - he called me and asked me to let him know how to get in touch with Igor - who I called and then the contact was made - in the meantime I had a brief chat who I hadn't seen for a while and then e-mailed him a link to my current galleries which he took a look at and responded to in his return e-mail - and then I realized that Igor information is in my original name and phone number data bank of over 40 rolodexes built up or accumulated since some 44 years ago - so if you are just beginning on such an endeavor may I suggest that you not force or try to make things happen but just go on being friendly and helping folks and that sooner or later things will start to fall into place one step at a time - -------

thank you!


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The Art of Money Collecting

the art of collecting money is as simple as collecting anything else -

you increase your collection one piece at a time and hold onto the pieces that you value -

the different types of images in my galleries

I Know that there are a great variety of images in my galleries - all from different parts of my worlds - and this is because at any moment I may travel from one world to the next - perhaps simply just really enjoying the movement or at other times perhaps attempting to work through some challenge or struggle which I am not quite yet able to figure out - but eventually I do and I leave all of these images in the galleries because at any point in time any single individual may find it helpful to see me move either through the easy and flowing moments or through the most difficult of times - all in a matter of moments sometimes and at other times - what definitely seems like life times - or many worlds away -


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what are these blogs about and how are they structured or how am I utilizing them to present my art?

First - the images in my galleries - which number over 20,500 now - are not only just photographs - but many of them are abstracts which are mutations of many of the photographs that are there as well -

Second - the language that I am very deeply involved with and in using is the language of expressing through the use of the images (both photographs and abstracts) that are there in the galleries - and so my interest is not in diluting or even seducing or encouraging or enticing or individuals to view those images with words that are totally inappropriate to describe the images there and the series of images and the relationships that are occurring from one to the other as they are placed and or viewed by each individual however they have been moved or inspired to enter the environment that exists with the images in them -

the blogs - for me and my intention - exist for a much different reason or function than perhaps others might utilize blogs for -

that is - in the bebirianart blog - to introduce the images next to different images almost in what seems like a random sequence more or less like a continuous exhibit and in a way in which they are not able to be viewed in the galleries and in the format that they are in on the main site that they are in -

while the bebiianartgalleries blog - introduces the individual galleries and gives a preview of the images in each gallery where the viewer can chose which image or in which corner he or she would like to enter any particular gallery -

again in both of these blogs my intentions for the use of the blog are extremely different than your friend's blog to which you have provided the link above -

I now see - and am using the twitter to give a time sequence up date since the beginning of my use of this tool - of which images I have completed as either single images in galleries by themselves or series of images in group showings of those image in galleries - and this may or may not indicate to the twitter followers the exact sequence in which I have begun any series in relationship to any other series and/or in relationship to any single image galleries - since there are times when I may be working on ten or twenty series at a tine or simply one image at a time - all for various different reasons and because of various influences and how this variation in working on images and series together simultaneously or individually one at a time may or may not be obvious to the viewers as the view the images and galleries -depending on whether or not they have chosen to delve into viewing these galleries and images from many of the various possible combinations and in differing sequences to see if there is a different effect that is evident from the alteration of the viewing sequences -

I would like to note that I am continuously performing the variation of viewing the images in differing sequences myself with many of the images to the entire collection so that I myself am experiencing the differing impressions that may be sensed through this process of viewing -

and because of all this I have until now refrained from too much verbal discussion or description of this collection -

however at this point in time - I would like to thank you for encouraging me towards the discussion of what images I have created and placed in the galleries so far since it has helped me formulate these thoughts and this verbal description of some of what I have been doing and this I am placing right now at this point in time in the hopes that its presence for reading may help some of those who do enter my blog and read what is here written -


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In the early morning when the sun us just first rising we are made aware of the long day that lay ahead of it by the very empty sky above and beyond where the sun lies - during which so many activities will take place most of which we have no idea as to what they will be -


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Businesses are living organism - shrinking growing every moment


Do you realize how much influence environment has on a thing or on a person?


not all drops are created equal - do you know why?