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My plan for my art - concepts and ideas that mesh with the new rules for the new economy =

My plan for my art - concepts and ideas that mesh with the new rules for the new economy =

I know, for example, that the new economy think is that the price of anything goes down the more copies of that particular thing goes up and the value goes up as well - and to a certain degree I see that happening as far as the number of images I have up in imagekind and how many people can view them anywhere in the world - the cost is practically nil to have them up on the web site (based on the number of images that I have there) and coverage or viewing throughout the world will not necessarily cost me any more or less if one person looks or a few billion people look - that is the extent of what I see as the higher number of copies and lowering the cost per view let's say - but I don't see the same relationship happening where the prints are concerned - of course a person can go and look at the images in my galleries a million times and this is good because it reinforces their interest every time they do without them having to travel to a museum - Even having a membership in a museum and going to see what is there requires a trip for me in some way and then to physically make the time to enter and go to a specific gallery where anyone can simply click on a link here or there or anywhere that I provide it on my web site or blog or in an e-mail newsletter or an ad somewhere or on a post in this forum or a social network or any of the many other means that people may somehow find a link to my imagekind galleries - but with all this reduction of costs - I find it contradictory to a certain point to take what is a virtual monopoly and give prints away as well - giving the prints with or without frames at a very low price *(which may have been the imagekind business plan originally or not I am not quite sure) is counterproductive to a certain degree - now imagekind making 5% instead of a large percent that a gallery or agent or whoever might want to deal for you as an artist between you and the other middle person like a interior decorator or whatever is very very reasonable and fits in with the substantially lower costs associated with out new economy and the internet and marketing here - but - as a percentage basis above 100% markup it also in no way discourages me from (and I don't think it should) marking my work up to the point where I think that what the customer is being charged for is what the value in the way of art that they are getting -

So to give you some more Walter speak - the value of our images are increasing as and while our images are becoming more well known throughout the world utilizing the technology that is here on the Internet where people can go to your gallery while sitting at home or on the beach or wherever they are and not have the added expense of money time and wear and whatever that goes into making a trip to one city or the other to view something in a gallery and museum and which may as well be very often a disappointment - but while this is happening - the price that they are willing to pay for such an image to be created to their very own specifications on what paper and what matt and frame and everything else they are able to adjust or manipulate in their own way and based on their own choice with an image that they (the individual customer) are so enamored with that they wish to take it out of the Internet world and to then place it on a wall somewhere in their environment wherever that be - then well by all means that right to do what they want with one of my images which I own the total rights to is in no way diminished because I have made it available in this new fantastic wonderful arena - but - on the other hand it becomes even more valuable or meaningful to that other individual whether they live across the street or on the other side of the world - and I know that if someone from some of the most impoverished countries is able to access viewing the images here on imagekind or even view anything on the internet - then more often than not they are no - definitely not as impoverished as one might otherwise imagine!!!!

and if they are - they are most certainly welcome and I encourage them to keep on viewing whatever of my images encourages them or inspires them to do even better than they have up until the point where they have first been introduced to my images ----all for free either here or wherever my fine images can be found ---until they have raised their financial situation to the point where they are able to make their long dreamt about purchase to place such an image on their wall!

******Update -

I have since lowereed my prices so that everyone or at least moany people can afford to purchase prints now -

******latest Update

The lower price structure does not work for my plans at all and so I have changed the prices back to their original level -

thank you!