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What is real?

sometimes we think we know what is real - a color - a shape - an idea - a visualization in our mind - the smile on a friend - the mood we are in - and then we look again and it is not as we thought we remembered it earlier - just a moment ago a week ago - a lifetime ago - things are different - is it our perception? has it changed - have we changed - has the object of our thought changed - has everything changed - is there anything that remains the same in the Universe? Do you know? I don't know ------ anything!



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Monday, June 2, 2008


there is always a chance that things get mixed up or that something may slip into where it doesn't seem that it was intended to be - how does this happen - why does this happen- does it matter that it happens - is such a happening such a profound event that there is never a point in time afterwords that things will ever be the same?