Saturday, July 19, 2008

some discussion on my development in utilizing some marketing tools on the Internet

Lindy said to Walter "Your energy is so focused on whatever it is that you are doing, you don't seem to have room in your mind for anything else. Perhaps you have reached your potential!"

Should someone ask ..... My advice would be to define your objective and proceed to remove everything from your life that doesn't help you get there.

That would be one step up the ladder of reaching our potential.

Other lifestyles would be to pursue the fashionable, convenient and the route of least resistance and where does that get US?

Fascinating topic .... Voice room anyone?

Just the musings of a geezer in training.

Nite Y'all


Teddy Towncrier CPP Supercharging Your Visions.

Private Reply to Teddy Towncrier

Jul 19, 2008 8:11 am re: Re: Teddy: re: I am on twitter - but #

Walter Paul Bebirian Teddy -

the question that I ask myself is whether or not other things that I personally can do would be of any value to my overall plan or goal or project or objective and that is always a tricky question - even if I have an answer - I do not want to get too deeply involved with any discussion which distracts me from what I have my focus on - but there are a few points that I can make now that I have been posting my images for a bit or since the beginning of this thread and then some of the pressure of distraction was removed by your kind post pointing out the value of focusing on what it is that I must do to accomplish my own goals and not allowing myself to follow anyone else's agenda or how anyone else thinks I should pursue those goals *(if they even happen to be aware of or think that they are aware of them at all).

What I am about to say is part of an ongoing problem or difficulty that I have found or discovered exists in various spots or areas of endeavor throughout the Internet -

At the time of my initial post or a few days after, I discovered that the posting function that exists at twitter that I had originally directed my question towards - also is very similar if not exactly as the same mini feed posting function that exists at and so I began posting the exact same information at both locations and then yesterday I discovered that it might be more pleasant to place the tiny urls that are generated at the twitter site when I place the long url for any gallery there in the post - into the facebook post to replace the long urls there - that is one new development - another is that there are a few things that I have posted anywhere within the RYZE network or on my blog that I felt might be of interest or of value to anyone reading any of my posts or following what I am doing on the twitter and facebook systems which I have begun to post on these two systems and perhaps I may give a link to this particular post here in this thread on both of these as well -

So from what I have expressed above - and from my perspective - I have begun to get a little bit of a feel as to how I might utilize these tools in such a way as to - (not focused on myself and increasing traffic to my site and/or increasing my business) increase the value for anyone seriously interested in following what it is that I am saying or sharing with them by making these posts which they may perhaps be following -

Another thing that has occurred simultaneously - and rather quite without plan - is that the front landing page (which is referred to by that system as my profile page) for my imagekind galleries no longer takes forever or instead brings an error page or server not responding page and so there is a great relief on my part to see that this has been fixed. Although this was a very deep and troubling problem - it was something that was specific to my galleries only because of the large number of images within a large number of galleries that I have there and so as with many things relating to myself and my work in various locations throughout the internet on various systems that I find myself focused on - there is often this type of technical difficulty due to both my often prolific nature as well as because I am looking for a solution or for a system to be upgraded - updated - modernized - brought up to speed or whatever term that anyone would like to assign the phenomenon occurring so that that system that I am focused on will then be working more smoothly and be able to handle both the existing efforts that I am currently making in addition to those that I plan to make in the future -

As a result of a combination of these things that I mentioned above - there has been a sharp increase in the amount of image views per day and therefore per week that has been indicated to me by the imagekind system -

Unfortunately - these different changes did not occur at individual times and separately so that I could see if any one of them was cause of an even more significant change than any of the others - but that is often the nature of things here in the Internet World - many changes occurring simultaneous of many variables effecting results all at once -

And in addition - while these changes were taking place - Cafe Press made the purchase of the Imagekind System - which did perhaps bring about so far the more speedy fixing of the problem related to the profile page on the Imgekind System that I mentioned above - but thankfully - the main thrust of the advantage yet to take place as a result of the Imagekind System being now part of the Cafe Press System has not taken place yet and will not do so for either another few weeks or a few months at which time the Cafe Press expertise of marketing and traffic building will be added to the current mix increasing the spike in viewing of my images even that much more - but that as with many things along the way in the Internet World - is something that I will have to wait patiently to see both the initiation of as well as the results of as well -

In the meantime I have somewhat of a pattern for the twitter and facebook as well as the blog posts and in addition I have been able from time to time to add a few bits of information along the way which may provide some interesting insights to anyone who wishes to follow what I am doing along the way -

Perhaps, in response to Teddy's previous post above - I am more inclined to create a fashion out of what tools exist to me - rather than follow an existing fashion - somewhat part of what I perceive as my inborn nature -

thank you!


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