Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a report from the front line -

Gail Ann Hochberg wrote at 3:28pm
Seen today at the IBM Atrium when I went to sit down at one of the tables: A Walter Bebirian business card!!!!! And on the table I actually sat at to read. So.... I left it there to see what would happen. A couple (a man and a woman) sat down (I do believe they were foreigners) and did not move the card right away even though they had food with them. The man then put a [gasp!] coffee stirrer on the card, but NOT on the picture side. He actually turned over Walter's photo and put the wooden stick on the printout portion. I then continued reading a book I've been reading. When I saw the couple get up to leave, the card was no longer on the table. For you Walter, I am hoping that one of them kept it for future reference and that you get a great big order!

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