Tuesday, November 11, 2008

some thoughts on balance -

For years living in New York City I have seen a great deal of excess in many different directions - movies, for example - if you were to be into movies here and look at all of the movies that are always playing at any one time here in Manhattan - well you could simply spend your entire life watching movies and perhaps do nothing else - or food - if you are into eating different types of foods and in different restaurants - there are so many different restaurants here that you could keep on entering new and interesting restaurants and never ever eat at home (which some people never do) - and if you are interested in theatre - well - Broadway would be your place to be - but all of this great number of any one thing is very different from life outside the big city and in some ways creates an imbalance by allowing a person to focus so much on one area or the other as to be excluding almost everything else in their lives - perhaps to counteract all of this excess in these areas - I do just the same with creating my own images for this way at least within the framework of my images I can create a different sense of balance - with the varying of my subjects - and categories - drawing from the different areas of a balanced life -

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