Sunday, August 31, 2008

where to live -

If I were every to really serious consider moving from where I have lived all of my life - that is in Forest Hills, New York which is in Queens which is part of New York City and 20 minutes outside of Manhattan - the place that all of us growing up in Forest Hills always called the City and the people living in the Bronx always called Downtown - I am still to this day not sure where to go since even though there might be places with a whole lot more space or an ocean front view to look out at - there will never be anywhere that I can think of that is both as beautiful as Forest Hills Gardens, as close to Manhattan and all the opportunities that this great city presents - somewhere that has access to all of the airports to get to any part of the world and a place where some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world are just about 45 minutes to one hour away - so I guess I will still - no matter what - have to follow my own philosophy which is:

the slower you go

the faster you get

to where you want to be


if you are enjoying

where you are

you don't

have to go


and so here I am - and of course I can be traveling at any time - to anywhere in the whole wide world!


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